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In a hotel, apartment or office building, a person with the title concierge helps ease the way for visitors and residents in many ways. The concierge may take messages, arrange transportation, or process requests for housekeeping and maintenance. In some areas, the concierge is the person to see for tickets for a sporting event, or show. It’s a crucial position for the management of the building or hotel, because the concierge can make people feel good…or bad…about the establishment. Courtesy and a can-do attitude are important aspects of the job, along with a neat appearance, and the ability to speak clearly. You can’t be shy around strangers, and you have to be willing to handle even difficult requests, gracefully. Because this is a public position handling people’s private needs, employers will check your background carefully—experience is a plus. In many areas, concierges are members of a hotel or building workers union, from whose ranks employers recruit new employees.


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