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Everyday we pick up the phone, or turn on the television set and expect to have perfect service 24 hours per day. These services come to you through a system of wires and cables, which telephone and cable TV installers and repairers construct and maintain. Line installers place cable or phone lines underground, or on poles or towers. They also connect wiring inside your home or office, making sure the signal reaches your phone or television set. They may splice wires to connect them, or install fiber optic cable to replace worn or obsolete cables. Repair workers handle service calls when there has been an interruption in service. They travel to a customer’s home or business and trouble-shoot where the technical failure has occurred. Training for both types of work is largely provided on-the-job, with the best prospects being at large phone and cable companies. Due to deregulation and the expansion of cable and other telecommunication services, this field should expand, as the public demands the latest electronic pipeline be made available to them.


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