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Fishing is often called the most dangerous job in the world. Commercial fishing vessels can be trawlers, like the boat shown here that pulls a large net through the water. Or longliners, that string lines of hooks behind them for miles. Other vessels include: potters or lobster boats; gillnetters; purse seiners; and even hook and liners that catch their fish one at a time with fishing poles. Fishers may go out alone for a few hours or on large boats with crews of up to ten people for days at a time. It is sometimes best to start on a small boat in order to get a feel for working with the weather and open seas and to start learning the habits of different fish stocks. As crewmembers work their way up to mate and captain responsibilities, they learn a wide variety of skills including gear-configuration and repair; engine and equipment operation and maintenance; navigation; fish sorting and processing; and marketing of the catch. Captains and owners must also have a thorough knowledge of complicated and ever-changing regulations that respond to different seasonal movements and abundance levels for different species of fish. As fishermen and government work together to keep fish stocks at sustainable levels, limited quotas for most fisheries will be awarded to those fishers with a history of landing particular species. As the public appetite for seafood grows, those fishers who stay in the industry and help conserve the stocks will be rewarded with the right to harvest the last food source still caught in the wild.


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