Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, and Blasters video

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Few careers leave so little room for error as that of an explosives worker. This is a job with conditions that are not only challenging, but often dangerous. Explosives workers, ordnance handling experts and blasters prepare and detonate explosives to move large amounts of earth or rock…or to demolish structures, such as buildings. They’re involved in every step of the blasting process, starting with a careful evaluation of the job and the materials needed to do it safely and effectively. They use drilling construction equipment with specialized tools to create blast holes. Then they’ll fill them with explosive charges and connect the charges with detonating systems into a pattern of timed explosions. Explosive workers need to make sure the blast area is cleared of all other personnel and equipment. Only then, can they set off the blast sequence. And they must determine when it’s safe for workers to return to the area. One missed detail in the process can be a deadly mistake. All explosives workers get essential training on the job under the direction of experienced blasters. The blasting profession is a very highly regulated field, with federal, state and local governing bodies involved in the process of regulation. Precision and excruciating attention to detail are vital job requirements, but the end result is always exciting.


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