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If tinkering with mechanical devices and being near the water are what floats your boat, consider a career as a motorboat mechanic. These marina service technicians repair and overhaul gasoline and diesel engines, often specializing in one type or the other. Mechanics rely on a variety of skills, whether performing routine service on a portable outboard motor in a repair shop, or trouble-shooting a larger craft's inboard engine dockside. After visually examining the motor, the mechanic may start it up to listen for problems. Computerized testing equipment is often used to help locate mechanical, fuel or electrical trouble. In addition to hand tools, power tools like drills, lathes and grinders are used to repair and replace defective parts. After the engine is reassembled, the mechanic runs the motor at various speeds to double-check the repair. All the work gets written up in a report that includes the results of the testing, as well as an assessment of the engine's condition. Repair shops can be hot and dusty, and physical strength is required to lift and move heavy parts. Mechanics may work in awkward positions, and wear protective gear. Repair jobs at docks or marinas require protection against heat and sun exposure. Motorboat mechanic trainees need a high school diploma or GED, but it's preferred that they complete a formal training program at a college or trade school. Employers may provide additional training with senior mechanics in the shop. Depending on geographic location, the work can be seasonal. Experienced mechanics often open their own shops, or sail on to bigger jobs with boat and engine manufacturers.


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