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While many manufacturing jobs have been automated, there are still many processes that may require manual assembly. And that’s the job of precision assemblers. These skilled workers build intricate products from manufactured parts or subassemblies -- ranging from electrical appliances and computers, to turbines, airplanes and cars. Precision assemblers must be able to do accurate work at a fast pace. Some lift and fit heavy objects. Precision assemblers need good eyesight and color vision. Most companies prefer a high school or vocational school diploma and often promote production workers to these jobs. Working conditions vary. About 1/3 of the jobs are in electronics, sitting at tables in clean, well-lit, dust-free rooms; another third work with noisier heavy equipment, comint into contact with oils and grease. Most precision assemblers work 40-hour weeks, but overtime and shifts are common. With experience, assemblers can move into supervisory roles. They can also branch out as specialty repairmen, quality control experts, or research team members. For people who are good with their hands and like to build things, a job as a precision assembler may be just the thing.


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