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Butchers and Meatcutters work in supermarkets and small retail shops. They cut large animal carcasses into serving sized cuts like roasts, chops and steaks, which are sold to customers. In addition, butchers often make special orders for customers, especially around the holidays. Butchers use tools like band saws, cleavers, knives and grinders. These tools can be dangerous, and can cause serious injuries if not used properly. Most of the work is done while standing, and many butchers work in refrigerated rooms all day. If you are thinking of being a butcher, a high school diploma is preferred. Training is usually done on the job, sometimes through apprentice programs. You must have above average physical strength to lift the heavy carcasses and good hand-eye coordination. Excellent personal hygiene is a must. Since some butchers also wait on customers, a pleasant personality and good speaking skills are a plus. Experienced butchers may become managers, ordering meat, taking inventory and supervising other butchers. Butchers help “put the meat on the table” and are part of most consumers’ regular shopping routines.


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