Machine Setters and Tenders Job Description video

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Nearly every company that manufactures things needs machine setters and tenders. That's because, as powerful as they may be, most machines can't "feed themselves" with the raw materials they were designed to process. Specific duties vary depending on the industry, but most machines need someone to change molds, bits, or cutting tools, fill reservoirs, make fine adjustments, and check coolant or lubricant levels. That's what machine setters do before the machine or manufacturing line is started. Once the machines are turned on, their operations are monitored by tenders who make sure that everything is working as it should. In many companies, the same person performs both jobs, often working with several different machines. Factories that run themselves exist only in science fiction. No matter how "smart" the machines get in the future, they'll still need qualified human setters and tenders to make them function properly.


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