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Through the centuries, one way to provide comfort as well as display wealth, has been through the work of upholsterers. From palaces…to Main Street, a fine piece of craftsmanship blending fabric and frame has always been a source of material satisfaction. Upholstery is a craft handed from artisan to artisan through on the job training. Often it is handed down through generations. But nowadays this useful craft can be learned at a vocational school as well. The process always starts with the frame—either a newly created one, or an old frame which the upholsterer might repair with gluing or refinishing. That’s just the beginning of many intricate hand-worked processes, using materials such as springs and webbing, and fillers like foam and polyester. Upholsterers measure and cut fabric, which is then sewn, tacked, stapled or glued to the frame. Then come ornaments, like fringes, buttons, and rivets. To do all this you have to be comfortable bending and twisting. Upholsterers use common hand tools such as tack hammers, staple guns, tack and staple removers, pliers, shears, webbing stretchers and upholstery needles. Special sewing machines are also used. Obviously, with that kind of equipment in use, protective gloves and clothing are necessary gear. All upholsterers need physical stamina, good coordination, and precision. Talent in selecting color, design and fabric will also contribute to success. The primary ways to advance in this field are to open your own shop or to move into management. For both of these options, you will need to have both business and people skills.


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