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If you enjoy working with your hands, you know how rewarding it can be to create something as beautiful as it is functional. And that's just what furniture finishers do. They are skilled workers who apply chemical coatings to enhance and highlight the beauty of wood furniture. They use hand or power tools to painstakingly prepare the surface. Using brushes or spray guns, they stain, paint or seal the surfaces. Several applications may be required, along with a final cleaning and polishing. Finishers may work on mass-produced furniture in a factory -- or on custom pieces or antiques in their own shop. In either environment, good ventilation is a must and you may need to wear protective gear. The chemicals are messy and some are hazardous. Many vocational schools offer training in woodworking but often employers train finishers on the job. You'd most likely start out in the sanding and stripping area. Automation and imports are reducing the number of available jobs in furniture manufacturing. The trend toward metal, plastic and fiberglass in furniture means less finishing is required. Skilled finishers with repair skills can often find work, restoring furniture. Those who enter this occupation should have a knowledge of wood, an eye for detail and a love of furniture and antiques. Perfectionists are welcome!


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