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Despite all the advances made by automation, there’s still the need for human helpers on the factory floor. Production helpers perform unskilled tasks around the work area. They may help assembly line workers set up or tend machinery, fetch or hold materials or tools, or feed items into the machines. They use carts, dollies, and hand trucks to move materials between work areas. They may keep records of machine processes…or clean the machinery after use…or sort and load finished products. It's often repetitive, tiring work. Though a high school diploma or prior work experience is rarely required, being at least 18 years old and in good physical condition, usually is. In most jobs, production helpers have to be able to stand for long periods…when they're not stooping, lifting or carrying. Some helpers are required to wear protective equipment, like earplugs, gloves or glasses. With training, helpers can move up to more advanced production jobs. These entry-level positions may not be easy to find due to the overall slowdown in manufacturing. An upturn in the economy could improve the outlook. Turnover is quite high in this field. You might find it a good temporary fit while studying or training for another career.


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