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Ever wonder how lipstick is made? How about house paint, detergent, gasoline, or plastic? Chemicals are key ingredients in most industrial and consumer goods, and Chemical Equipment Controllers and Operators play an important role in their production. These workers monitor the flow and mix ratios of chemicals through production equipment such as catalytic converters, saturator tanks, and fermentation chambers. A scientific mind and comfort working with dangerous chemicals are necessary qualities for this position. Chemical Equipment Controllers and Operators must be able to troubleshoot on many different levels, drawing on science and math skills, as well as direct observation. Most chemical production tasks must be performed in a particular order, based on strict product specifications. For this reason, most manufacturing of chemical products is a continual process that can’t be stopped at the end of the workday. Split shifts, and weekend and evening hours are common. The good news is that these shifts are often compensated with higher pay. You might think Chemical Equipment Controllers and Operators suffer more on-the-job injuries and related illnesses, but in fact the safety procedures are so strict that this industry boasts fewer such incidences than other sectors of manufacturing. Workers must be continuously aware of the substantial risks, and must wear their protective gear, which in some cases includes respiratory devices. However, while potentially dangerous, the work environment tends to be quite clean. There is a lot of room for advancement, providing you show you have the ability to handle responsibility. Often the combination of on-the-job experience, and formal training provided by the employer, results in workers moving from labor positions to the highest paying operator jobs. Some may even progress into supervisory positions.


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