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Industrial truck and tractor operators are responsible for the movement of manufactured goods, grain, coal, construction materials, or other heavy items, around a factory or on and off ships. Operators must have the ability to judge distance, a good sense of balance, and good eye-hand-foot coordination to operate such equipment. Their primary responsibilities are to protect the materials they carry, to ensure that the goods arrive at the proper destination, and to adhere to strict safety practices so they avoid roll-overs and collisions. Other duties include keeping records of materials moved, and doing some manual loading and unloading. Operators may also be responsible for inspecting, cleaning, fueling and servicing their truck or for making minor repairs. Sometimes, operators must work in hot and cold weather, or in rain or snow. They may also be “on the road” for many long hours at a time. Most employers hire those with a high school diploma and the proven ability to work with machines; but also helpful is experience in operating mobile equipment, such as farm tractors or Armed Forces vehicles.


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