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The job of Parking Lot Attendant may look easy …but it requires a lot of drive to do it well. Whether they work in multi-level garages…or outside in lots, attendants have many responsibilities. For example, they often need to inspect the condition of the car when it’s first brought in. By pointing out dents and scratches to the owner…before taking responsibility…you protect yourself and your employer from unfounded complaints later. Attendants must be able to drive all kinds of vehicles, with automatic and standard transmissions. Being able to navigate sharp turns…and tight parking spaces requires good eyesight, excellent distance judgment and coordination. A slight miscalculation can result in thousands of dollars in damage. Attendants may spend long hours outside in all kinds of weather...or inside a booth handling tickets and money. Other duties such as cleaning …or shoveling snow…may be part of the job. You may also be expected to wear a uniform. Some high school education and a valid driver's license are often the only requirements for a job in this field. Employers might want to check your driving record. Most attendants get trained on the job. This is a job with flexible hours, much of it part time, making it a good job while going to school or preparing for other careers. Wages aren't high for this work, and benefits vary by employer. A large part of your income depends on tips for good service, so a friendly smile and courtesy are essential to put you on the road to success.


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