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From the fastest the cat recognized as best in often takes more than just Mother Nature to create an animal with superior qualities. Animal Breeders use their knowledge of genetics and animal science to produce animals with specifically desired traits. Man has been selectively raising animals for thousands of years. But what was originally done by trial and now governed by precise scientific principles. Breeders learn how to select and mate the animals that will produce the best offspring. They may breed and raise animals such as dogs and cats to sell as pets or show animals. Large animals like horses and cattle are usually bred through artificial insemination. Breeders maintain detailed records, keeping track of health, size, weight, as well as other relevant characteristics. Much of the job requires being outdoors around animals. But breeders also spend time in laboratories and offices Many breeders work for themselves. They need to know how to feed and care for their animals. The job has its hazards. Some animals bite and kick...while others may accidentally step on you. Although a college degree is not required, many breeders study animal science at a four-year college or university. The consistent quality of farm and domestic animals depends on the knowledge and skill of the animal breeder.


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