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While dancing may seem to spring spontaneously from emotion and music, experts know that it’s usually the result of hard work and long practice. The person who designs the dance, literally step by step, is called the choreographer. Usually dancers--or former dancers-- themselves, choreographers need a strong knowledge of movement and music, innate rhythm and artistic creativity. They need to be able to communicate their ideas to the dancers expected to execute the movements. Often the movements are intricate, and require a great deal of strength, flexibility and exquisite balance on the part of the dancer. Ballet dancers, in particular, usually begin their training as children. They may start in small private studios…working their way up to special schools where academic classes are worked around dance instruction and rehearsal. Dancers and choreographers can receive formal training in college as well, working toward a degree in fine arts. To work professionally as a dancer or choreographer requires dedication and the ability to handle rejection, because this is a highly competitive field. Those who succeed, find positions with dance companies and theater troupes, as well as in music videos, schools, or institutions where dance is used as therapy. Wherever your career takes you, this is a profession that requires a true passion to perform.


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