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Do you love looking at clothes, and imagining outfits that you put together yourself? If you’re passionate and persistent you might have what it takes to be a professional. Fashion designers work in an exciting but fiercely competitive industry. They must be creative, imaginative, persistent, and able to communicate their ideas in writing, verbally and visually. Designers need to be open to new ideas and influences and quick to react to changing trends. They combine practical knowledge about fabric and manufacturing with artistic ability. To get that knowledge, most aspiring designers go for a two or four year degree from a career school or specialized college program. They might then get a job with an apparel manufacturer, adapting new fashion trends and classic styles for new clothing for the mass market. The fortunate—and talented—few ultimately win their own label, catering to individual clients, specialty stores or high fashion department stores. Whether a beginner or a big name, the designer considers every aspect of the clothing to be developed: what it will be used for, the shape, color, fabric, ease of use, and cost. From an initial sketch to the first version of the garment, the designer can expect long hours, hectic deadlines, and finicky clients. They may also be required to travel to production sites across the country or overseas. But there could be glamour and fame waiting at the end of the runway!


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