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A webmaster manages a company’s presence on the World Wide Web—its face on the Internet. While new software makes it possible for almost anyone to create a website, a fully operational business web address requires a great deal of expertise to design and maintain. That’s because an effective website is interactive. It invites people to provide information, sends information, products, and services in response, takes orders and processes payments. While the webmaster might or might not design the web site, he or she is responsible for its technical efficiency once it’s up and running. How fast it can be accessed, the time it takes for elements to download, security and privacy concerns, are all considerations for the webmaster. In large companies doing a lot of business through the Internet, this position might be a full time job. Some webmasters, however, are self employed, with several companies as clients. As with all computer science occupations not only are training and experience necessary, but also the ability to stay on top of a rapidly evolving field. From a resort in the mountains, to a government agency, an address on the World Wide Web is a part of the picture in the 21st century. The Webmaster keeps that picture in sync with the latest developments in technology, and with the computer users who are trying to determine just what that site has to offer.


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