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Most of us take being able to speak for granted. When speech problems arise, we need the professional help of Speech-Language Pathologists. Sometimes called Speech Therapists, they diagnose and treat all kinds of speech disorders. For example, stuttering…hearing problems that affect speaking ability…speech difficulty caused by injury or illness, or mental problems that prevent understanding of words and sentences. These experts also help those who simply want to improve their speaking skills. For example by reducing a strong regional or foreign accent. Many Speech-Language Pathologists work in schools, helping children with speaking disorders, and counseling teachers and parents. Others treat patients in hospitals, medical centers, private clinics, and nursing care facilities. The work-week usually follows standard business hours. The emotional needs of patients and their families can be demanding. In addition to patience, pathologists must be able to explain complex issues in ways that can be easily understood. They need to operate testing devices… and diligently record results. Qualifications are a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and nine months of postgraduate clinical work. They must also pass a national examination by the Educational Testing Service. Most states require Speech-Language Pathologists to be licensed. As the elderly population increases, more people become prone to speaking disorders and will turn to Speech-Language Pathologists to help them lead better lives.


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