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Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food in restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments. But few people realize that a waiter or waitress can make or break a business. That's because "service sells!" The food may be completely ordinary, but if the waiters and waitresses are friendly and attentive, customers will come back again and again. Job opportunities can range from local diners… to national chains… to expensive restaurants in major cities and resort areas. But the key to success is always the same: Put yourself in the customer's shoes. If you were the customer, you'd probably want a waiter or waitress who made a point of keeping your water glass or coffee cup filled. And you'd want to be brought your check soon after you'd finished. The waiters and waitresses who get the biggest tips are the ones who make their customers feel "special" by anticipating their wants and needs before they have to ask for anything. "Waiting tables" isn't just about serving food… It's about serving people.


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