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Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks have different assignments, but they all have the same job -— to help keep track of the money a business makes and spends. Bookkeeping clerks help by preparing balance sheets and other documents that summarize an organization’s financial position. Accounting clerks enter sales and purchasing transaction data. And auditing clerks verify that the figures are accurate and that the calculations are correct. In small businesses, all of these functions may be performed by one individual, often a part-time employee. At hospitals, corporations, government agencies, and other large organizations, specialization is the rule. A high school diploma is essential. Post-high school business school training or junior college coursework may also be desirable. To learn more about this occupation, consider volunteering to manage the books for a student group or other extracurricular organization. You’ll quickly see how important the person who keeps track of the money really is.


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