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One of the great things about America is that it offers help to its residents in need. There are many government assistance programs and agencies that provide benefits. For example, welfare, social security, public housing and employment and training. Determining who is qualified to receive this assistance is the job of Eligibility Interviewers. An interviewer usually works in an office. There, he or she meets with an applicant. By asking questions, examining records and other paperwork the applicant provides, the interviewer makes an assessment whether the applicant is eligible for government benefits. Sometimes the interviewer will make a field visit to observe first hand the applicant’s situation. These interviewers may also be involved in the detection of fraud committed by persons not eligible to obtain these benefits. This is a job that requires good communications skills. Speaking a second language, such as Spanish, is an asset. Patience and compassion help to put people at ease. You also need the moral strength to make the difficult decision to deny benefits to those you find are not eligible. This occupation is sensitive to the overall economic activity – declining during good times, and increasing when the economy slows down. This is truly a career in public service. You have the opportunity to help those who are often in desperate need.


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