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Human Resource Managers are in the business of making positive connections. They’re employed by companies and government agencies to match people to jobs. That means these managers work both to attract qualified job candidates, and to keep them satisfied once they’re hired. So, they develop recruiting and training programs, personnel policies, and in larger companies they might oversee hiring and firing in several departments. A career in human resources begins with college, with an emphasis on business, behavioral sciences such as psychology, communications, or liberal arts. To become a manager, you might work your way up through a human resources department. There could be a fair amount of travel involved, especially if you’re involved in recruiting on campuses, or going to conferences. Ultimately, though, this is a comfortable office based career with fairly predictable 9-to-5 hours and the possibility of good benefits. You must be able to speak and write effectively, and be sensitive to other peoples’ perspectives and needs. A good human resources manager plays a vital role in the morale and success of a large organization.


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