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The career of an artist, performer or athlete can be like a roller coaster ride. You can be an unknown one day, and on top of the world the next. A key to success is having a good Agent and Business Manager. An Agent is hired to represent a client. The agent does this by promoting the client’s work to contacts in the industry. It is the agent’s job to handle all negotiations with the potential employer, from specifying working conditions to determining the salary. Agents are usually paid on commission, so it’s in their best interest to get clients the most money they can. A Business Manager will work with an Agent to advise a client on legal and financial matters. This is the person who usually oversees the client’s finances, collecting and depositing the earnings and paying the bills. Agents and Business Managers wear a lot of hats. In many ways they are promoters, accountants, lawyers and friends to their clients. Most agents have graduated from college, and some even have law degrees or masters’ degrees in business. Strong negotiating skills are a must, as are good communication and organizational skills. Experience related to the client’s industry is also valuable. Many of the world’s most famous people wouldn’t be where they are today without the advice and guidance of Agents and Business Managers.


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