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Cost Estimators Job Description

In large and small businesses alike, clerks are the backbone of the back office. They are responsible for processing and maintaining large streams of financial information for customers and other workers. Billing clerks review sales data for products sold or services rendered, and prepare itemized bills to send to customers for payment. Cost clerks create production or sales cost reports for departments and prepare reports showing total cost and selling prices. Rate clerks use rate tables and tariff regulations to compute freight rates and passenger fares for transportation services. Computers have streamlined many of the tasks that clerks perform. A high school diploma is needed to enter this field. Computer, mathematical and organizational skills are also desirable. Many firms provide on the job training. Like many office workers, clerks spend most of their time at a desktop computer terminal. The work can often be routine and repetitive. Some clerks move on to become bookkeepers and accountants. A clerk position offers a good entry-level job for dependable, trustworthy individuals who are good with numbers and attracted to the financial side of the business.


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