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Most employment interviewers work either for personnel staffing firms and employment agencies or for state job service centers. They may also be called “personnel consultants” or “human resource coordinators.” The challenge all employment interviewers face is matching people who are seeking jobs with employers who want to hire them. Employment interviewers must be able to both evaluate a job-seeker’s skills and know an employer’s needs. That may mean administering tests to job seekers and helping them prepare resumés (pronounced: “rez-uh-mays”)summarizing their educational background and previous work experience. Employment interviewers must also maintain good relations with the employers. Being prepared to promptly fill a position with a truly qualified applicant leads to the kinds of long-term employer relationships that are essential to success. Excellent communications and inter-personal skills are also essential. After all, in this job, people are both the customers you’re serving and the product you’re selling.


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