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The single most important factor in the success of any enterprise is its employees. That's why personnel managers or "human resource" specialists are so essential in most large organizations: they're the ones responsible for recruiting, hiring, and managing the benefits of a firm's employees. It's not uncommon for a personnel manager to oversee several departments, including employment and recruiting, compensation, benefits administration, training, and employee relations. Successful personnel managers have both excellent people skills and excellent management skills. They must also be able to set the tone and the standards for their departments. After all, finding and hiring a good employee is only part of the job. Keeping that employee happy and productive by providing excellent service in benefits, training, and other departments is equally important. As with all management positions, you'll have to work your way up, and you'll need a college, and possibly an advanced, degree. But in good times and bad, organizations need personnel managers. After all, they supply the most precious and important resource of all — people!


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