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Do you love to plan events—from parties to conferences? If you have a head for details and the willingness to cope with a fair amount of stress, you might consider a career as a meeting and convention planner. When companies and organizations get together, someone has to work out all the arrangements, from lining up speakers, to booking hotel rooms, caterers, making sure transportation, audio-visuals and entertainment are provided, even lining up sponsors and goody-bags for people to take home. Some meeting and convention planners work for organizations that offer event planning as a service. They might also be one part of a larger company that handles public relations, or image consulting, or an agency that handles tourism for a city. Or they might work within a big corporation to plan sales and incentive meetings, and training seminars. Meeting and convention planners also work as free-lancers, networking their way to contacts from event to event, charging a commission or a flat fee. Education or experience in hotel management, the travel business, public relations or communications, and administrative assistant positions are all entry points for this profession. Some states license Certified Meeting Professionals who pass exams and have gained experience in the field. It’s a job that is guaranteed to deliver deadline headaches and last minute crises. Some events take years to pull together. But, like putting on a show in a theater, there is great satisfaction when the challenges are met and the event really clicks.


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