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Making a management decision requires hard data along with wisdom and leadership. That information is supplied by operations research analysts. Operations research is also called management science, and that’s what it is: the science of making decisions and solving problems. It is a field that combines quantitative analysis—mathematical models—with strategic thinking. The goal is improved performance. Many methods used in operations research were actually developed during World War Two, to determine where supplies could best be used. In fact the Armed Forces continues to rely on operations research analysts, as does private industry. These analysts deal with issues such as strategy, forecasting, inventory control, personnel scheduling, resource allocation and distribution systems. In the 21st century Analysts will rely on computers as well as their own skills. So if you’re interested in pursuing this career, a computer science background will enhance the expected master’s degree or doctorate in operations research, engineering, business, mathematics, information systems or management science. While there are few openings in this highly specialized field, those who succeed will work among the top management of companies and government agencies, analyzing problems and finding solutions.


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