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Businesses need orders filled and shipments moved as quickly as possible. Cargo and freight agents are the people who help make that happen. Whatever the size, route or nature of the shipment, these agents handle the details of getting cargo from place of origination…to destination swiftly and efficiently. Cargo and freight agents take orders from customers and arrange getting the freight to the loading platform. They plot the route and prepare all necessary documents, such as descriptions of the cargo, amount, type, weight and dimensions. If the goods are being imported or exported, the agent also handles getting the required customs clearances. Agents make sure the cargo is organized according to destination and calculate the cost of shipping. Upon arrival, they check for missing items and record damage… then arrange payment and pickup by customers. Although entry level positions in this department usually require only a high school diploma, familiarity with computers will help you in this job. They're used for everything from processing orders placed over the Internet… to tracing shipments by barcode… to completing insurance paperwork. Specialized software helps cargo and freight agents expedite the movement of shipments to meet the increasing demands for overnight delivery. While part of the work day is spent in an office, these agents are also found in terminals and loading docks where the environment is rarely temperature controlled. Evening and weekend hours are common. With additional training and experience, freight and cargo agents can forward their career prospects to better-paying supervisory positions. Cargo and freight are the lifeblood of commerce. This career is at the heart of the entire system.


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