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It takes planning, engineering, government permits, money and teamwork to erect a building. The same is true of parklands, golf courses, college campuses, public spaces, bike trails, and even the verge of an expressway. A landscape architect creates planned green space. To do so, he or she must possess imagination, artistic talent, practical skills and a thorough knowledge of ecology, plant and soil science. That knowledge is usually gained through several years of college coursework, leading to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in landscape design. Most states require landscape architects to be licensed and that license might not transfer to another state, so choosing where you want to live before you get started is important. So is a love of nature. Landscape architects consider how a space is to be used, and understand what kinds of natural ingredients—from grass to stone to falling water—will serve best. Over 40 % of landscape architects are self-employed; most have a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and have served an internship. While some developers and individual homeowners employ landscape architects to create beautiful back yards, the steadiest income is derived from developing land to complement corporate headquarters, shopping centers, and other large spaces. Landscape architects also help with historic preservation, natural resource conservation, and reclamation of damaged areas. They use computer-aided designs, sketches, video simulations and models to explain their ideas to clients and local governments. Then they must coordinate teams of workers and equipment within budget and time limitations. Much of their time is spent indoors, working on the planning and design aspects of the job using a computer or drawing instruments. However, a landscape architect also spends time outdoors, on the site, supervising the work. The reward, is seeing a landscape plan come to life, to watch it being enjoyed by the people for whom it was designed…and by those just passing by and enjoying the view.


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