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Plant scientists work from the ground, up -- to make farming more productive. They can specialize in one of several areas of study. Agronomists and crop scientists look for ways to get more out of each plant, even how to boost nutritional value and seed output. Some are experts in the breeding and physiology of plants, and use genetic engineering to enhance Mother Nature. They work in the lab and the greenhouse, genetically altering plants to achieve specific traits… perhaps sprout more quickly… or adapt to certain types of soil or climates… or use less water. Entomologists are scientists who study insects. They focus on pests, the bugs that feed on agricultural plants or spread diseases to them. This scientist works WITH Mother Nature, looking for ways to control or eliminate pests without hurting the plant or the environment. Plant Scientists may also go into the wild to look for new plant species that offer special benefits…for example looking for new drugs in the rain forest. A 4-year college degree is the minimum entry requirement for this field. Basic research and teaching positions in these sciences require post-graduate degrees. Jobs can be dependent on government research dollars… but many find work in commercial research and development, or for seed or food products companies. If your green thumb points beyond a basic knack for growing things, you might want to dig deeper -- and pursue a career as a plant scientist.


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