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Healthy forests provide us with clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and natural beauty we can all enjoy. They also supply the paper and wood products we use everyday. A forester is a professional trained in the art and science of managing this vital resource. Foresters are outdoors a great deal. Typical duties include measuring trees and supervising timber harvests. Foresters look for signs of insects and disease. They help to renew woodlands by planting seedlings and creating conditions for natural seeding to occur. They may collect samples for lab tests in their efforts to ensure water quality and healthy wildlife habitats. Foresters can be surveyors… educators… even firefighters. Good written and verbal communication skills are important, along with technical ability. Foresters rely heavily on computers for recordkeeping, research, and mapping. One needs to be in good physical shape for this career. The work often takes foresters outdoors in all kinds of weather… frequently into isolated areas. Most foresters work for the government, but may be employed by lumber or paper companies, and by water utilities and conservation groups. A bachelor's degree in forestry is the minimum requirement for a job, but research and teaching positions call for advanced degrees. Some states require licensing or registration. New foresters generally work under the supervision of experienced foresters. Advancement comes with experience, and often means trading in fieldwork for an office. Wherever they work, foresters are responsible for the wise use and management of forests, making them productive for us and future generations.


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