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In all major religions, faith is usually handed down from generation to generation within families. NAT SOT – CONGREGATION PRAYING But children - and even adults - often require instruction beyond what parents tell them about their religion. So Directors of Religious Activities and Education are an important part of a congregation. They guide the teachers…who in turn guide the students. Much like a principal in a secular school, the director is responsible for overseeing the materials, activities and programs chosen to help people learn about their faith. Working with religious leaders, they hire and supervise the teaching staff. Being able to plan...and lead… are important skills. The job might also include counseling people about their beliefs, or other deeply personal issues. So being an attentive listener and problem solver is valuable. Clearly, a strong background in the particular religion is essential. In addition, directors of religious activities and education usually have college degrees. This is a field that is expected to grow, as people continue to seek deeper spiritual lives…for themselves… …and for their children.


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