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Some of the most dramatic advances in medicine have been in the technology used to diagnose and treat patients. From large X-ray units…to small patient monitors, the job of installing and maintaining this equipment is the responsibility of Medical Equipment Repairers. The equipment repaired runs the gamut from electric wheelchairs, mechanical lifts, hospital beds and customized vehicles to biomedical equipment, hearing aids and surgical instruments. This is a highly technical field. Repairers need to be able to carefully follow complex operating and repair manuals. Hand and power tools are used, along with specialized diagnostic equipment such as oscilloscopes. A strong knowledge of electronics and mechanical engineering is a must. So is being able to apply advanced mathematics. Not all the work is technical. Repairers need good communication skills because after the machines are set-up, doctors and other medical staff require instruction on how to operate the equipment properly and safely. There’s paperwork too, logging maintenance and repairs. Most people learn this profession through on-the-job training. Vocational schools and community colleges offer courses in electronics. Further training by the manufacturer or medical facility is often required. Many patients wouldn’t be alive today if not for these highly sophisticated machines--- machines that wouldn’t be able to operate efficiently and safely if not for Medical Equipment Repairers.


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