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Librarians help people find the books or information they need for business, academic or leisure purposes. Books, CDs, the Internet, and databases are just some of the Librarian’s tools. Librarians must be familiar with today’s sophisticated information and research sources and still be able to help a young reader find a new picture book. They must possess first hand knowledge of all the materials in the library, from catalogs and periodicals to reference books, best sellers and literary classics. Librarians classify and prepare new materials for circulation and research and coordinate storytelling sessions, literacy classes and book talks. They also supervise staff and prepare budgets. Most librarians work in public and academic libraries. Librarians may also work in information centers, corporations, museums, medical centers, law firms and other organizations. A master’s Degree in Library Science is necessary for most librarian positions. Once on the job, librarians continuously train to stay up to date on the newest developments in information technology. A librarian’s work is often challenging and can be very rewarding, especially when just the right materials can be located for a person.


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