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For centuries, art has been a means for people to express themselves and communicate ideas. Fine artists continue to convey thoughts and impressions through their the hopes that appreciative collectors will buy their work. Fine artists usually specialize in an area such as painting or sculpture. New technologies have given rise to art forms such as computer printmaking and video art installation. Those who create pictures and designs used in publications and commercial products are called illustrators. Usually artists work alone…in a studio, for example. They may work with paints, inks, thinners and other chemicals. The professional life of an artist varies greatly. Most fine artists work on commission. Some are like celebrities and command high fees. Others struggle in obscurity to eke out a living. Most fine artists work in other fields to support their art careers. They may work in museums or art galleries as fine arts directors or curators, who plan and set up art exhibits. Others work as art critics for newspapers or magazines, or as consultants to foundations or institutional collectors. The most successful artists not only create commercially attractive works, but also appreciate the importance of smart marketing. Fine artists usually hone their talents and refine their technique at art school and college, though there are no formal educational standards for success. Fine art is part of every culture’s heritage. It’s been said that being an artist is more a labor of love…than a career.


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