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From books …to billboards…to video games, we’re surrounded by the work of Commercial Artists. They use their artistic ability to illustrate ideas or sell products. At advertising agencies, for example, commercial artists visualize concepts developed by the creative team. Their work may appear in ads for newspapers and magazines…or in commercials for TV. Illustrations in a book and animations for video games are other examples of commercial art. While some artists work with traditional art supplies, using computers is becoming increasingly common. Most commercial artists put in a 40-hour week, usually in an office, or studio setting. Some work at home, as free-lance artists for several clients. It’s best to have as much training as possible. This can range from a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a college or university, to courses in studio work and commercial art techniques at schools of art and design. Being able to carefully follow directions and to work well with others are also important skill sets. So is being able to work under the pressure of deadlines. Competition for jobs is high. But it’s a growing field. And if you have the talent and the training, you could have a “colorful” future as a Commercial Artist.


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