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Property or Real Estate Managers are the people who supervise the vital behind the scenes operations of malls, commercial office buildings or apartment buildings. They advertise apartments and commercial space, negotiate leases, pay bills, prepare financial statements and report to the owners on the status of their properties. Managers also negotiate contracts for building services and hire and supervise maintenance and management personnel. They act as the owners’ agents and often manage several properties. Most employers prefer managers with degrees in real estate, business and finance. They must be good administrators, have good oral and written communications skills and enjoy dealing with a wide variety of people. Work time is split between the office and being on-site at the property. The hours can be long and sometimes unpredictable. Managers must be available at all hours of the day in the event of an emergency. Evening and weekend hours are often necessary to show vacant properties to prospective tenants or to attend building association meetings. Apartment building managers often live in the property they manage. If you like running things and are up to the challenges, a career as a Property and Real Estate Manager can be a rewarding one.


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