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A lot of work goes into the making of entertainment magic. That work is done by producers, directors, and actors. Most of the jobs they get are away from the bright lights of Broadway and Hollywood, in local theaters, television and radio studios, comedy clubs, circuses, even rodeos Actors entertain and communicate through their interpretation of dramatic roles. Many actors carve a career taking all kinds of parts, from pitching products in commercials to leading roles in a play. And many actors take jobs outside of the profession to help support themselves financially. Membership in unions such as Actors’ Equity, the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA helps actors obtain insurance benefits even without regular employment. Directors interpret plays or scripts. They also audition and select cast members, conduct rehearsals, and direct the work of the cast and crew. They often exercise creative control over an entire project, supervising scenery, costumes, choreography and music. Producers pull the financial strings. They arrange the money to pay for projects, and determine the size, cost and content of a production—their pay is often a percentage of a show’s earnings. The producer… Hires the director… Who hires the actors. And because the money is spent up front, preparing something that an audience may or may not accept, show business is famously unsteady. College courses in all aspects of the business are available—but actors, directors and producers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and training. What they share is a strong desire to stick with a dream: the dream of making a living, with make-believe. OES 85723 - Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers - 209 Imagine arranging wires pulsing with lethal voltages of electrical current. Now imagine doing that at the top of a utility pole. In gusting winds or during a snowstorm. This is all in a day's work for electrical power line installers and repairers. On solid ground, these outdoor workers use muscle and power tools to put up towers and other equipment or dig holes and set poles for power lines. In urban areas, installers have to crawl down through manholes, to position or repair power lines underground. Elsewhere line installers have to be comfortable stringing and splicing cables 20 to 40 feet overhead, working from a truck-mounted bucket or climbing the poles themselves. Apprenticeships and training programs sponsored by unions are the best way to learn the required skills and critical safety procedures for this job. But along with technical knowledge, it requires strength, agility, and during severe weather, lots of stamina. Installers and repairers are called out on short notice during or after storms and work long shifts often traveling far from home for days until power is restored. Experienced installers and repairers achieve relatively high salaries, enhanced by regular overtime pay…and the knowledge that a community’s energy needs, depend on your agility and ability.


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