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A reporter's job can feel different every day. Breaking news sets reporters at the scene of a fresh drama on every assignment. Publications, news programs and even the Internet rely on information gathered by reporters and correspondents. Some cover a specific beat or specialty… others pursue different stories every day as general assignment reporters. All go to the spot where the news is happening and assemble the facts for the news story. Whether covering local issues or as a correspondent in a remote city, reporters work long hours finding the answers to the who, what, when, where and how of any news story. Work conditions are generally dictated by the nature of the story, which is assigned by a senior editor or producer. A flair for language, lively curiosity, strong people skills and the ability to work quickly under daily deadline pressure can be as important as formal journalism training. Reporters also need to be familiar with specialized electronic equipment and computers to transmit their stories from the field. Competition is keen, especially for on-air positions in highly paid major markets. Most employers look for a journalism degree or extensive reporting experience at college news outlets or through internships. Reporters usually start out at small publications or broadcast stations. Large media outlets generally require several years of experience.


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