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Telling the world about a business, product, cause, candidate, organization or institution is the work of Public Relations Specialists and Publicity Writers. . A public relations specialist can provide strategic advice about how to get the word out, and about how policies might impact consumers, voters, shareholders, fundraisers, and other people the client needs to reach. To do that job effectively, the specialist maintains contacts with the news media, and organizations that are important in a particular field. For example, a public relations specialist working with a pharmaceutical company cultivates relationships with doctors and medical journals. Quite often, a news report on the air or in print starts with the public relations specialist or publicity writer. They develop news conferences, set up speaking engagements, or create events, then send out press releases so the news media will cover them. This is a fast growing field that makes a lot of demands on those who compete to find jobs and succeed. It requires creativity, confidence and good judgment. A willingness to work long hours during a crisis or on deadline is essential. Some large corporations have their own public relations departments, but increasingly jobs are available in public relations firms, many of which specialize in certain industries. So a background in a particular field can be an advantage. So can journalism experience. A good candidate for an entry-level position is a college graduate with a degree in journalism, public relations, advertising or other communications related field. It’s a good idea to seek an internship with a public relations firm, while you’re still in college.


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