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If you are fluent in more than one language, you might qualify to join an elite workforce: Interpreters and Translators are needed for work in business, government, the military, the media, social services, the judicial system, in travel and tourism—anywhere cultures intersect. Simply speaking a second language is not sufficient, however. Employers in these various fields look first for people with college degrees as foreign language majors. One use for which the need for these professionals is growing rapidly is the interpretation of medical and legal information in hospitals and legal settings, especially in the inner cities with large immigrant populations. The opportunities can be exciting, with jobs that take you to top level meetings and exotic destinations. Or, you could work at home, translating operating manuals. The need for precision is paramount, as you are the link between those who wish to convey information…and those who need to understand it. A sensitivity to how cultural differences affect communication can help you get the message across—and avoid embarrassing glitches for you, and your employer.


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