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From concerts…to sports events…to corporate meetings, specialized equipment is needed so the audience can see and hear what’s going on. The people who set-up and operate this sophisticated electronic gear are Audio and Video Equipment Technicians. Often called AV techs, they need to be familiar with the many components that make-up audio and video systems. For example, microphones, speakers, TV monitors and projection screens. Because these systems often require complex wiring and cabling, AV techs must be able to understand manuals and technical diagrams. Being able to troubleshoot and repair equipment is also important. Sometimes this has to be done under the pressure of a live audience impatiently waiting for the event to begin. While most jobs are indoors, some projects take place outside on location. It’s not unusual for AV techs to work evenings and weekends. They’re expected to lift and carry heavy equipment…and work in awkward positions. While a high school degree is usually preferred, this is a career you can learn on-the-job from an experienced co-worker. Training in broadcast technology or electronics is also available through technical schools and community and 4-year colleges. If you have an eye for detail and an ear for determining sound quality, consider a career as an Audio and Video Equipment Technician.


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