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The subjects vary. And so does the equipment. Photography is a business in transition from the old ways, with 35-millimeter film developed in chemicals… …To the new digital imaging that is more immediate, and can be manipulated with computer software. Photography is an art form. But very few photographers who specialize in “fine art” make enough money to support themselves solely through their artwork. But there are several ways to make a living as a photographer. A portrait photographer takes pictures of individuals or groups of people in a studio or at weddings and other formal events. Commercial and industrial photographers focus on subjects such as buildings, models, merchandise, and landscapes, for use in books, reports, ads and catalogs. News photographers—also called photojournalists—shoot for news publications. Many photographers are self-employed; the most successful license their work and are represented by agencies. To get started, subscribe to photographic newsletters and magazines, seek employment at camera stores, and consider taking courses in photography at a university, community college, technical institute or trade school. New media outlets and a growing population will be demanding more images and portraits. But employment for photographers is expected to increase more slowly than most occupations in the years ahead, because of an overall decline in the newspaper industry. So, along with creativity and technical skill, you need good business sense to make photography a lifelong career.


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