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There are many kinds of camera work. Camera operators capture the excitement of breaking news and sports… Work in studios on television broadcasts… And create exciting visual images for motion pictures and commercials. This is a field with a wide range of opportunities that share common requirements: The ability to capture an image that conveys meaning. And the technical skill to record that image reliably. Field and TV studio camera operators work with video. Usually they find salaried positions at production companies, or television stations and networks. Some prefer to work as free lancers, hiring themselves out for the day, week or project. You can learn to become a video camera operator in technical school, in college or even on the job. Motion picture camera operators shoot film. They, too, can start learning their craft in school. But because film tends to require more detailed technical knowledge than videotape, a film camera operator needs to move up through many levels of apprenticeship. Advancement may take years and typically comes through recommendations by producers, or directors of photography. And long hours are the norm for all kinds of video and film production work. With the increase in outlets for visual images, employment opportunities for camera operators are projected to increase in the years ahead, …but while competition in this exciting and attractive field will increase, so will job opportunities.


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