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Veterinarians are doctors who diagnose and treat illnesses in animals and protect the public from animal diseases. Most vets are in private practice and treat small pets, like dogs, cats and birds. Other vets treat large animals like horses, cows and pigs. Some veterinarians care for zoo, aquarium or laboratory animals. Veterinarians also work for government agencies as Veterinary Inspectors. These specialists use their skills to protect humans against diseases carried by animals. Some Inspectors work in meat processing plants and slaughterhouses to ensure that animal carcasses are disease free and that the plants follow proper sanitary regulations. Many vets work out of animal hospitals and clinics and often travel to farms and stables to treat large animals or to inspect herds. Vets put in long hours and are often on call in the evenings and on weekends. They run the risk of being bitten, kicked or scratched by a frightened animal. If you’re thinking about becoming a vet, you must graduate from an accredited four-year veterinary school. Admission is highly competitive. All vets must be licensed in order to practice. The earnings potential for this job is high. Although their patients can’t say “thank you,” veterinarians know that their patients appreciate their care.


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