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EVENT 01084 a. HOME HEALTH AIDE - 374 A/V: NARRATOR (VO): As both hospital costs and the number of elderly citizens grow, home health aides are playing an increasingly important role in the nation's health-care system. Years ago, when grandparents, parents, and children all lived in the same house, someone was always available to help care for an ill family member. But that usually isn't the case today. Today, a home health aide is likely to fill the role that family members filled in the past. And that's really the key to understanding this growing profession. Under the supervision of a registered nurse or a physical therapist, home health aides visit the elderly or patients of any age who have recently been discharged from the hospital to their homes. Duties include administering medications, changing bandages, providing massages to prevent bedsores, and helping with exercises and other therapies. In some cases, home health aides do the grocery shopping, prepare and serve meals, and help patients bathe, dress, and groom themselves. The work can be physically demanding. It may be necessary to lift patients for baths and exercises, for example. And working with the sick or infirm can also be emotionally taxing. Home health aides make a point of getting to know their clients personally. Over time, many become "part of the family." So if you have a genuine desire to help others, being a home health aide can be enormously rewarding--on many levels.


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