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If you enjoy helping the others, you may want to consider working as a Physical Therapist Aide. You don’t need formal training or a license to be hired. Physical Therapist Aides assist patients receiving treatment by physical therapists. They help disabled patients move to treatment areas; they keep the areas organized and clean, and prepare them for each patient’s therapy. Some Aides also do clerical work, such as ordering supplies and filling out medical insurance forms. And they answer the phone. Aides must be under the supervision of physical therapists or physical therapist assistants. Most Aides work in hospitals or the offices of physical therapists. There are both full-time and part-time jobs. Work hours vary from employer to employer. At many out-patient offices and clinics, aides work evenings and weekends. The job has physical challenges. You must be strong enough to steady patients who need support when walking, and to lift those who can’t help themselves. There is much kneeling and bending and sometimes standing for long periods as patients are treated by a therapist. Skills are learned on the job. Most employers offer clinical training. No license or college degree is required, but Physical Therapist Aides must have a high school diploma. Employment in this area is expanding. As more of the growing elderly population develops debilitating conditions, more people need therapy. That creates a need for more Aides to assist physical therapists.


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