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Civil engineers build things. Things like roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and airports. They combine a knowledge of materials science, engineering, economics, physics, geology, and hydraulics to create the physical infrastructure essential to modern life. Naturally, there are numerous sub-specialties. Surveying and mapping engineers identify the best sites for construction. Hydraulic and irrigation engineers focus on dams, flood control, wells, and reservoirs. Environmental engineers deal with wastewater projects, garbage disposal, and recycling plants. And traffic engineers specialize in designing “people-moving systems,” be they underground subways, commuter railroads, or new or improved roads and highways. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement. At some universities this is a five-year program. But co-op, junior college, and night-school options are also available. Becoming a civil engineer is a lot of work. But if you like the idea of being part of big, complex projects that improve people’s lives, it could just be the profession for you!


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